Welcome to Against All Logic, a blog that takes a modern approach to the subject of Zen Buddhism.

Zen can be somewhat difficult to understand and can appear to many to be impenetrable in nature mainly because it deals with perceptions and perceptions by their very nature must be experienced in order to be understood. To those who have not experienced certain perceptions and states of being, Zen can indeed seem impenetrable or mystical in nature, indeed nonsensical.

Zen has a tendency to refuse to explain itself, this being an inevitable consequence of Zen’s insistence that logic is drawn from  experience rather than imposed upon it. From Zen’s point of view, logic is mutable; what may seem illogical today may seem logical tomorrow in the light of new experience. Zen will say to the doubter that it is up to them to have a personal insight in to these matters and that their current set of logical beliefs are based upon limited perceptions and are therefore of no use to them.

If they fail to perceive this is not the fault of Zen but the fault of the seeker. However, the modern mind often views this refusal to explain with suspicion and a degree of exasperation. It is important therefore to understand that Zen is emphatically about experience and considers the intellect and it’s associated logic to be a hindrance to progress rather than a benefit.

The aim of this blog is to show the reader that there is method to Zen’s madness, and that ultimately, Zen requires the abandonment of fixed modes of intellectual thinking and the embracing of experience and perception as ultimately superior to conceptualisation in the search for truth.

I will post full length articles on this blog when I think I have something useful to impart, but will also post Zen aphorisms with short explanatory notes from time to time, as these things can be useful in bringing fresh insights and nudging us in a new direction when needed.

I also hope to build up a resources section with links to useful information regarding Zen. Click on the main menu to access these resources.

All the best in your Zen endeavours. To paraphrase a Zen Master: “Truth is not difficult to obtain, but neither is it easy”.


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