Don’t Look Forward Look Back

In this post I describe a technique that is extremely powerful and which when put in to practise fulfils many if not all of the criteria that Zen would consider most beneficial to a persons development. It has the power to bring the mind or "mad monkey" under control whilst simultaneously "setting the attention on… Continue reading Don’t Look Forward Look Back


The Hidden Hand

This post  discusses a little experiment you can do to give you an insight in to yourself and your "self-nature" as Zen Buddhism calls it. Despite the fact that this self-nature is always with us, indeed it is our real self, most people are blissfully unaware of it's presence. They are so wrapped up in… Continue reading The Hidden Hand


To Let Go or To Control

Once a person has familiarised themselves with a reasonable selection of literature related to Zen Buddhism they often find that there is a lot of seemingly conflicting advice. Some writers advocate "letting go" of thoughts and mental processes while others recommend getting thoughts under control and stabilising the mind. Sometimes this conflicting advice can become… Continue reading To Let Go or To Control